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"Galvanized Yankee" sent to Kanawha Station...???

Hello -

have a family history puzzle that perhaps someone in West (BY GOD!) Virginia might be able to help out on?

My ggg-uncle George Wesley Byrd was captured at Ft. Henry Tennessee on Feb. 6, 1862 and sent to the Alton, Illinois POW prison. He signed a loyalty oath and was released from Alton POW camp on March 20, 1862.

Back home in Stewart County. Tennessee (near Ft. Henry), he then signed a second loyalty oath and posted a $1,000 bond; this document is dated April 7, 1862 and lists his younger brother, Riley Marion Byrd, and a neighbor, Henry Hicks, as securities.

In the same National Archives microfilm file with this second loyalty oath document is a railroad pass with the following notations on it:

"Parkersburg Apl 16 1862
The bearer of this certificate, G.W. Byrd having been examined, according to instructions from Head Quarters, is permitted to pass on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad - N.W. Va. R.R. from Parkersburg to Kanawha Station by paying his fare.
by order of John F. Hoy
Lieu't Col.

Brig. Gen'l B.F. Kelley
by Geo. A. (?) Palmer"

On the back side of this railroad pass is also written: "The undersigned accepts this pass on his word of honor that he is loyal to the United States and if he is hereafter found in arms against the government of the United States or aiding or abetting its enemies, the penalty will be DEATH." Beneath this statement is the signature: "G.W. Byrd"

At this time, it is STILL not known exactly why George Wesley Byrd signed a second, $1,000 security loyalty oath and traveled to Kanawha Station. (now) West Virginia.

I have always suspected that he may have been a "galvanized Yankee" and sent some distance from his family and kin to prevent possible problems with his neighbors.

I would surely appreciate ANY and all help, suggestions, thoughts, contacts, etc. on just what may have been going on here?

Thanks for your help!!!!!!

Kenneth Byrd