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Woman Killed W/ 28th AL Train Wreck

Another disaster — a sad Romance.

The Knoxville (Tenn.) Register, of the 28th ult., says:

An accident occurred on Wednesday evening, on the E. T. & Ga Railroad, by which several persons were injured--one fatally.--The train which was bringing the 23d Alabama regiment to this city, ran off the track a few miles this side of Cleveland, wrecking the train badly. A girl, in uniform, who was with the soldiers without revealing her sex, but who did not belong to this regiment, was sitting on the platform of one of the cars, and had her legs so badly crushed that amputation was necessary, and both were taken off, but (Illegible); and death put an end to her suffering at night. She gave her name as Lilly White, and told a sad story of woman's wrongs. She had disguised herself in male attire, and joined this regiment with the expectation of finding her deceiver, who is in the army, and avenging her shame.

The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, VA) 10 Mar 1862

Mr Skellie suggested I cross post this here. I still can't figure if she did or didn't belong to the regiment, as the news item contradicts itself.

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