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March 29, 1865 Diwiddie Court House

On arriving within a sbort distance of Dinwiddle we encountered and skirmished with the Sixteenth North Carolina Independent battalion, now only about eighty strong, a small body of troops who have boon ranging about the country seeking forage for their horses and food for themselves. They were a lawless bunch, whom the citizens feared much more than they respected. This
small party attempted to check our advance by skirmishing freely and felling trees across the road. Finding it would not do to let them go on In this way, Oeneral Irvin Gregg ordered Colonel 0. B. Knowles, commanding Twenty-first Pennsylvania, to charge with a portion of his regiment, and drive tho rebel off. The charge was accordingly made, and was successful.

New York Herald
April 3, 1865
p. 1 col. 6