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Dan Showalter biography published

A new biography on transplanted Pennsylvanian, California legislator and Confederate cavalry commander Dan Showalter has just been published. Entitled "An Arch Rebel Like Myself": Dan Showalter and the Civil War in California and Texas, by myself and co-author Gene Armistead, tracks the life of this colorful Civil War figure from his roots in Greene County, Pennsylvania, to his legislative role in California at the outbreak of war, to his participation in the last political duel in California, his imprisonment by the Union Army at Fort Yuma as a political prisoner, his eventual military career in Indian Territory and then along the Rio Grande in Texas, to his death following a barroom brawl in Mazatlan, Mexico. "An Arch Rebel Like Myself" can be obtained from McFarland & Company, Publishers, on their website at or through Amazon and other online booksellers. Dr. Jerry D. Thompson of Texas A&M University, the dean of historians of the Civil War in the American Southwest, calls this a "stunning historical inquiry into the pugnacious life and times of Dan Showalter...ambitious in scope and fascinating in its content...highly recommended."