The Pennsylvania in the Civil War Message Board

Blind Email Function Turned Off

Hello everyone,

In an effort to provide the most convenient functionality of these message boards, yet preserve the security of your personal information, including your email address, I have provided a "Blind Email" function on these message boards. This feature is designed to allow fellow posters on limited occasions to make direct contact with another poster to exchange information not necessarily suited to the message boards and/or to exchange large files and photos. Unfortunately, I've discovered regretfully that several posters, visitors and even a few of our authors, primarily self-publishers, have misused this feature to solicit sales of their books or other products.

First of all, let me apologize to anyone who has had their enjoyment of the use of the message boards affected by receiving a "for sale" message. Let me reiterate, your email is not being provided to these solicitors and they will only get your email if you respond to their message. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE UNSOLICITED MESSAGES AND FORWARD THESE MESSAGES TO ME FOR FURTHER ACTION.

For anyone who has used the "Blind Email" feature (this is the Send Email link next to a posters name) please stop immediately. I will not tolerate the abuse of the Blind Email feature and I will take action including complaining to your Internet Service Provider and naming you on these message boards as a "Spammer" with a recommendation not to buy your book(s) or other products and services.

I have turned off the "Blind Email" feature, at least temporarily. I will be working on a patch that will copy the administrators of these sites for every Blind Email sent. If this doesn't work, then we may have to eliminate the Blind Email feature permanently.

You know, I'm a pretty reasonable fellow. Had I been contacted by some of the abusers of the Blind Email feature, I could have probably made arrangements to promote or make the contributors and visitors to these sites aware of what you were offering. Unfortunately, you have ruined the use and benefit of the Blind Email function by your actions of misusing this limited contact feature for your own benefit.

Let me apologize again to anyone who has received an unsolicited promotional or sales message. If you have received one of these messages, please send me a copy of the message or tell me the sender and the item being offered.

Thanks for your understanding and let me say again. Your email addresses are entirely secure. None have been sold or given to solicitors and if you do not respond to these messages the sender cannot get your email address.

Jim Martin