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Welcome to the Minnesota in the Civil War Message Board.

My name is Jim Martin and I'm the webmaster of the MNCWMB. The Minnesota in the CW Message Board is my twenty-eighth (28th) such site and for those of you familiar with our other "History-Sites.Com" message boards, I hope you'll find it as helpful in your research as you found the previous sites.

For those of you who are visiting for the first time, it is my hope that the combination of genealogists, historians, academics and re-enactors who contribute to this site will help you in your search for family and historic information.

Please click on the "First Time Visitors" and "Frequently Asked Questions" buttons at the top of the Message Index page. These pages have been provided to inform you of the capabilites of the message board software and to provide some ground rules and hints for posting messages.

Thanks again for participating. Please help me spread the word to others about the location/URL of this new webpage.

With best regards,

Jim Martin
The MInnesota in the Civil War Message Board

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