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Discharges/MI nativesfound in my parents basement

Anyone who would like to contact me please feel free to call me @ 843 247 1335 about the following...

My name is Keith Baebler and currently reside on Hilton Head Island, SC. My parents Had four children and all of us were born in WI. My mother was from Racine, WI and she is currenty 67y/o and my father was from Chicago (Evnstn) IL but sadly passed away at 63y/o on May 21st, 2002 nine days after thier 40th anniversary.

My father was a Civil War nut and was actively involved in many re-enactments having relocated to northern VA in the mid 1980's. Why am I telling you this? Because....

I have found two Honorable Discharge papers in my parents basement a few months ago and they appear to be very real, however; they could be something any civilian could purchase at a Harpers Ferry, WV gift shop knowing my father.

One has the watermark (when held to the light) of the presidents seal and the other has no watermark.

Here is a discription of them:

Honorable Discharge of John H Spillane, Sergeant of the Company "L", of the 6th Regiment of (hard to read, looks like) W S Infty Volunteers. Born in Detroit, MI was 23y/o and served 2 yrs as a Telegraph Operator. Given at Savannah, GA this 15th day of March, 1899. Has NO watermark.

Honorable Discharge of Charles H Rounds,1364163 Sergeant, Battery 6, 8th Field Artillery, Regular Army Reservist. Born in Riley, MI when he enlisted at 19y & 2/12m. Given at Hdqrs. Central Dept., Chicago, Il this 4th day of June, 1920. Has Presidential Watermark.

Note: Found some information on Mr. Rounds with a Google search. It would appear that Mr. Rounds lied about his age.HisHonorable Disharge dated 04Jun1920 said he was 19years and 2 months at time of enlistment.. I came to my conclusion because his Famly Genealogy shows him born on 16OCT1901. That meant he was 13 years and1 month when he enlisted on (23NOV1914) and 18 years 8 months when discharged on 04Jun1920. He later became the Mayor of the MI town he resided in.

Anyway, I hope what I have is real and can get them into the family members hands if they are. If anyone has comments or questions please feel free to call me at 843 247 1335 or email me at

If these are real I have a feeling my phone will be ringing all morning, so if I don't answer please leave a # to return your call. I'll be at my neighbors funeral from 10:30 a.m. to noon or so on Monday 2/5/07.

Thank you and God bless,

Keith Baebler

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Discharges/MI nativesfound in my parents basement