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1st CSA soldier to be KIA in the WBTS

Greetings to all:

William R. Clark, of Baltimore was the first Confederate soldier to be killed in the WBTS. He enlisted in the Confederate Army as a member of the Maryland Confederate Regulars and was awaiting transportation to Charleston, SC, when the 6th Mass Inf, USA, rode the train into Baltimore. The rest is history. Mr Clark was killed in the riots.

The story was just recently published in the Confederate Veteran Magazine. An inquiry to the author as to where Mr. Clark is buired was replied with unknown.

I'm requesting assistance on the burial site of William R. Clark, age 20, died April 19, 1861.

He is not buried at New Cathedral Cemetery or at Confederate Hill at Loudon Park Cemetery. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Bryan Green
Chairman, Graves Registry Committee
Maryland Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans