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Steam Tug BALTIMORE Crew Making Plans for 150th.

A unique opportunity awaits those who'd like to be a part of re-creating the birth of Naval Aviation in 2011 on the Potomac and in Hampton Roads plus ranging in the guns of the Rip Raps onto Fort Norfolk and lobbing shells up over Malvern Hill on the York River in 2012. Retrace the CSS TEASER'S departure from Richmond in 2013 as she takes her own balloon down the James only to run aground and suffer capture (simulated we hope).

It can all be yours whether you are part of the re-enacting crew or opt to be counted amoungst BALTIMORE'S travelling or home-based support personnel.

The Baltimore and Chesapeake Steamboat Company, a non-profit corporation, has been formed to re-enact this and other Wartime events during the up-coming 150th anniversary of the War and hopefully beyond.

We need your help now. BALTIMORE is being readied and you can have a date to make history happen. She now boasts of being the last hand-fired coal burning tug boat still operational in the entire United States. Supported by one of the last wrought iron hulls, she is moored in Baltimore's Inner-Habour where her volunteer crew work to keep her ship-shape. You are invited to join us.

Those who work on BALTIMORE get to play on and below her decks as she steams into historic waters and into her own history. Make it part of your history too.

Walt Mathers