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Remarks on Antietam Photographic History

On William Frassanito Antietam:,_Bull_Run_(i.e._Antietam)_LCCN2012647848.jpg
PP.30-31 Alleged photographs of CS Dead on Matthews Hill {Bull Run Battleifield}
Note apparently Federal Troops posing as Dead soldiers
A possible start is a picture of US troops in Greatcoats cooking a meal,_December_9,_1862,_by_Taylor_&_Huntington.jpg

pp.186-191 US Col t. G. Morehead 106 PA Vols unknown location
Speculation it was taken near the West Woods...
Remarks the dip in the treeline is similar to a distant view of the West Woods which appear in pictures III-71A and III7B pp.180-181
pp.208-210 IV-5 Dead alleged of Union Irish Brigade on unknown location {One versiaon claimes this was taken near Sherrick House{!},_19th_Sept.,_1862.jpg
HAs been ID as CS Dead pointing east away from Dunkard Church
Military Images Magazine Volume XX No 6 May-June 1999 pp.24-26

pp.253-257 V-9 CS Dead..on unknown location.,_as_they_fell,_on_the_west_bank,_near_the_bridge,_on_the_left_wing_of_our_Army,_at_the_Battle_of_Antietam_LCCN2014646928.jpg
HAS been id as taken west of the West woods {Dunkard Church location)
Military Images Magazine Volume XX No 6 May-June 1999

One picture not in the book was a picture of Dead CS Soldiers sold as Gardner #572 as the scene of Union charges at the Cornfield by Hooker Corps...Iv come across one opinion that if this captaion is true it was taken near the D R Miller House {Northern part of battlefield)
Yet Ive seen a picture of Miller Farm..while it does have a fence and little enbankment to it It just doestn quite look right

On the other hand Frassanito identiefed a picture# 571 of Dead CS soldiers on the Sherrick Farm on the southern end of the Battleifled..It has white fence and a rather steeper enbankment behind it as well

I cant prove it but taking a cure from Frassanito remember Alexander Gardner was a photographer and ussissiaman nota Historian..why did he sell the pictures as labeled..
probably because the biggest names of Antietam were Burnsides Bridge; Irish brigade charges and Hooker charges.....but whoever heard of Dunkard Church or the Sherrick Farm?