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Alexander Gardner photographs update

In regard to ALexander Gardner 1862 photographs at Antietam -many were identifed in Frassanito's "Antietam"
For example:
Picture of a dead CS Colonel Horse

According to Frassanito Research the Dead Col Was Henry B Strong
Picture of Col Strong

However in three cases....

Picture allegedly of Dead of irish Brigade in fact this was taken of
Confederates near the Dunker Church
Ref: Military Images Magazine Volume XX May-June 1999

This Picture was also taken near Dunker Church-not Burnside Bridge
Ref:Military Images Magazine Volume XX May-June 1999

It was sold as
"No. 572: View on Battle-field of Antietam, where Hooker’s corps behaved so gallantly: group of Confederate dead." It shows 4 confederates lying dead on a hillside with a wooden fence in the background.

The Question is
Was this taken in the Northern Section of Battlefield On Miller Farm?
Was this taken near on southern Section of Battlefield on Sherrick FArm?

A link to the Miller Farm [Today]

Yet as far as is known Gardner Took only 1 picture near the Miller Farm Buildings..that of a Union Burial Party {Frassanito}

I cant prove it But I think this was actually taken on the Sherrick farm
The picture shows a steep slope....the Miller Farm house is on a little Rise.... however the Sherrick Farm is built on a hillside and has the type of Picket fence

Interestingly while the Sherrick Farm picture was issued as #598 Gardner did issue a picture of CS Dead on the Sherrick farm as # 571
{See Frassanito Antietam pp 242-252}

LAStly is Picture Col Turner Morehead of the 106th PA
Again I cant prove it..but in the background is "Dip" in the tree line of the west woods near the position of the 106th PA position
The map in Frasanito book indeed shows a Cutting back at this place in the wood Outline