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KS Civ. War stories,1869 Oskaloosa newspaper

Stories by individual soldiers about their Civil War experiences ran in the Oskaloosa Independent newspaper from March 16, 1867 through March 1869. Stories ran almost every week in the weekly newspaper in a page one column, Heroes of the Border..... Some of the accounts are a single entry, others go on for weeks and weeks. Those years of the Independent have recently come online and are on I'm from out of state, but I understand the state historical society in Topeka offers a way for Kansas residents to use the site for free. I've been looking for Jefferson County, KS, soldiers who served in the 5th and 11th cavs, and some accounts are among those in the newspaper. Here's a mostly complete listing of the contents:

3.16.1867, George Davis, 5th KS , Co. M.
3,23 & 30.1867, anonymous, about pre-war and war experiences.
4.6.1867, Egbert Macomber, in a 30-day early outfit, later Co. D, KS 11th.
4.13.1867, J. T. Trapp, Co. K, 9th Reg., KVC.
4.20 & 27.1867, Melvin Lowry, Co. I, 2nd KVC
5.4.1867 - 6.8.1867 anonymous, started with an Ohio regiment, was a spy.
6.15.1867 - many, many entries, John. W Day begins with his territorial service in 1856 through Civil War (naval).
9.2.1867-9.27.1867, Sam Hamilton, Co. E, 5th Kansas Cav.
1.4.1868-2.15.1868, ALBERT L. RIVERS, Co. D, 11th KS.
2.22.1868-3.7.1868. James M. Russell, 2nd KS
3.14.1868-7.4.1868, J.R. Rhodes, with Co. E 1x0th Ohio
10.3.1868-10.31.1868. B.R. Cunningham, an Illinois unit
12.12.1868-3.27.1869, James K. Weir, 102nd Ill.