The Illinois in the Civil War Message Board

Upcoming CW events in the Chicago area

March 28th, South Suburban CWRT: Ron Larson on "Wisconsin during the Civil War"
April 3rd, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "Charles Gunther: A Yankee in Dixie"
April 5th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Dan Patterson on "General Longstreet"
April 9th, McHenry County CWRT: Trevor Steinbach on "Civil War Medicine"
April 9th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: Matt VanAcker on "Michigan's Civil War Regimental Battle Flags"
April 12th, Chicago CWRT: Brad Gottfried on "Maps of Fredericksburg"
April 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Larry Tagg on "The Generals of Shiloh"
April 17th, Starved Rock CWRT in Ottawa: Scott Wallace on "Yellow Tavern"
April 19th, Salt Creek CWRT: John Matuszek on "Sherman's Working Battery: History of the 1st Illinois Light Artillery, Battery H"
April 25th, South Suburban CWRT: Phil Angelo on "Mexico and the Civil War"
April 27th, Chicagoland Civil War and Militaria Show, Wheaton Fair Grounds
May 1st, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Rob Girardi on "Civil War Corps Command"
May 3rd, Northern Illinois CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "Damn the Torpedoes: Hi-Tech Rebs and their Infernal Machines"
May 10th, Chicago CWRT: John Horn on "The Petersburg Regiment in the Civil War: the 12th Virginia"