The Illinois in the Civil War Message Board

CWRT events this month in Northern IL

Feb. 1st, Northern Illinois CWRT: Harold Knudsen on "The Schleswig-Holstein War of 1864"
Feb. 6th, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Ray Wilson on "Ellet's Marine Brigade"
Feb. 8th, Chicago CWRT: Rob Girardi on "Gouverneur K. Warren's Last Battle"
Feb. 12th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: Gene Salecker on "The Sultana"
Feb. 15th, Salt Creek CWRT: David Keller on "Five Factors Impacting Confederate and Union Prison Camps"
Feb. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Lee White on "Bushwacking on a Grand Scale: Chickamauga"
Feb. 20th, Starved Rock CWRT in Ottawa: Scott Buennemeyer on "Grant's Vicksburg Campaign"
Feb. 23rd, Glen Ellyn Historical Society: Laura Keyes on "Mary Lincoln's Illustrated Album"
Feb. 28th, South Suburban CWRT: Michael Kirschner on "The 2nd Wisconsin"