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91st Illinois and 1st Battle of Palmito Ranch

"An Arch Rebel Like Myself:: Dan Showalter and the Civil War in California and Texas by Gene C. Armistead and myself provides a detailed, 12-page discussion of the roll of the 91st Illinois Infantry and its Colonel Henry Martyn Day in the 2-day 1st Battle of Palmito Ranch on the banks of the Rio Grande in September 1864. The discussion cites reports of the battle by both Col. Day and Sgt. F.S. Clarke of the regiment. This was a very confusing battle with a Mexican Republican battalion participating on the side of the 91st. Showalter, a Californian, commanded the Confederates during the battle. The book has been endorsed by Dr. Jerry Thompson of Texas A&M International University and received an excellent review by Civil War Books and Authors. It was published by McFarland in July 2018 and is available via Amazon.