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8th Tennessee Union

Federal POW’s from the 8th Tennessee Volunteers (Union) taken on August 6, 1864 at Utoy Creek. Arranged by Company

Private John Massy Company A wounded severely 5’ 10” fair complexion blue eyes light hair (A special report was made by 1st Lieutenant Robert H. McPherson of Company A on May 20, 1865.” Sir, I have the honor to submit the following report as to my information in the case of Wm A. Pierce & John Massy both privates of Company A 8 Regiment Tennessee Volunteers Infantry on the 6th day of August 1864 near Atlanta, Georgia in a charge on the enemies works they were both severely wounded & our forces failing to take the enemies works fell back & and the enemy occupied the battle ground & it being out of our power to carry our wounded off the field they both fell into the enemies hands & other men of the same regiment captured on the same day know nothing of their case only at the time of the capture & there is no other knowledge as to what has become of the afore said men & no other reasons for supposing them dead only their being wounded severely & having had no knowledge of them since captured.” “I am sir your obedient servant. R. H. McPherson 1st Lt. Company A 8 Regiment Tennessee Volunteers.”) National Grave Locator listed him as Private John Massey buried at the Marietta National Cemetery in section E grave number 6483

Private Samuel Massey Company A. Paroled March 3, 1865 in hospital at Columbus, Georgia. 6’ 1” dark complexion dark eyes black hair. Transferred and discharged at Camp Chase, Ohio and went back to Bradley County, Tennessee.

Private William A. Pierce Company A (See information on John Massy) died at Andersonville on October 13, 1864 and buried in grave number 10852.

Captain John A. Bowers Company B wounded and captured and not heard from since.

Private Noah Ottinger Company B captured at Utoy Creek. The 1860 United States census listed Noah Ottinger living in the household of David and Catharine Ottinger in District 8 at Cocke County, Tennessee with the nearest Post Office reported as Caney Branch. No further information after his capture. The Andersonville National Park does have him as a prisoner of war at Andersonville.

Private John A. Rader Company B no information after his capture Civil War Database listed him as a prisoner in Macon, Georgia.

Private Jacob Sane Company B died November 16, 1864 at Florence, South Carolina. He had been at Andersonville previously. His brother Joseph Sane died at Andersonville in April of 1864. Jacob Sane is buried as an unknown at Florence.

3rd Corporal Newton J. Roger Company C 5’ 8” fair complexion gray eyes red hair. Not heard of since his capture and according to Andersonville he was not a prisoner there.

Private John H. Brown Company D died at Andersonville on October 28, 1864.

Sergeant Oliver M. Brown Company D died while in prison at Florence, South Carolina on February 15, 1865. He was buried as an unknown.

Private John F. Ellison Company D paroled at Andersonville on December 8, 1864 and returned to command on April 28, 1865. (Surname may be spelled as Allison) Find A Grave listed his name as John Ford Ellison and he died on March 5, 1905.

1st Lieutenant John Walker Company D confined at Camp Asylum in Columbia, South Carolina. Paroled at Wilmington, North Carolina on February 28, 1865 and discharged from the 8th Tennessee on May 15, 1865.

Private Harman E. Lawson Company G wounded and died at Andersonville on September 16, 1864. National Grave Locator listed his name as Herman E. Lawson same death date and same regiment grave number 8926 at Andersonville. He was mentioned as being on the roll of honor at civil war database.

Private Thornton Dell Company H listed as missing later reports stated died at Andersonville on August 30, 1864.

Private Robert P. Bare Company I 5’8” dark hair and eyes and dark complexion not heard from since capture. Surname also spelled as Barr.

Private George Bray Company I mortally wounded 5’ 11” dark complexion blue eyes dark hair. No other information. (See Benjamin F. Royston) report states George Bray was severely wounded.

Private James McGinnis Company I 5’9” fair complexion yellow eyes dark hair, no other information. (See Benjamin F. Royston) report states he was severely wounded.

Private Benjamin F. Royston Company I died on September 1, 1864 at Andersonville. Surname may appear as Royton. (“May 21st 1865 Sir I have the honor to transmit the following report in relation to the supposed death of Privates George Bray, George Wolfe and James McGinnis. They were severely wounded August the 6th 1864 while charging the enemies line near Atlanta, Georgia and fell in the enemies hands. I have no official notice of their death. Paroled prisoners states that they were taken to the hospital. They also state that James McGinnis died of wound also Benjamin F. Royston Private of Company I was captured August 6, 1864 near Atlanta, Georgia. Paroled prisoners state that when they left him he was very low with fever and has not been heard from since.”) Signed “1st Lieutenant Jeremiah T. C. McCaleb Company I.

Private George Wolf Company I. 5’ 7” dark complexion and hair and eyes. (See Benjamin F. Royston) mentioned him as severely wounded. He was noted as being at Andersonville.