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Re: Alton POWs exchanged @ City Point ??

Hi Beth:

I don't have any cemetery lists at hand to check, but you can find them online, or other contacts online who might by researching the cemeteries. You wrote: >>>Richard died in September 1862 in Richmond.<<<

Then he would have been buried in either Oakwood Confederate Cemetery which was near the Chimborazo Hospital complex, or in the more famous Hollywood Cemetery on the west side of downtown Richmond. If you have a copy of Richard's Compiled Military Service Records, it may tell you which hospital he died in. That will narrow the search between Oakwood and Hollywood.

Richmond's Oakwood Confederate Cemetery:

You might also find some help with the Oakwood Confederate Cemetery Trust at:

Richmond's Hollywood Confederate Cemetery: "Register of the Confederate Dead Interred in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virgina" which was published by the Hollywood Memorial Association of Richmond, has been transcribed and posted on line at:

You wrote that Adam Stalnaker died in a Petersburg hospital. His remains would have been interred in the Old Blandford Church Cemetery in Petersburg:

The City of Petersburg has a listing of the Confederate dead buried at Old Blandford Church, and will happy add to the list if you can provide documentation from the CMSR that your soldier died at Petersburg during the war. The City has provided an e-mail function for queries:

Don't be discouraged or put off by not finding your soldiers names listed. There are thousands of unknown Confederate soldiers buried in Richmond's Oakwood and Petersburg's Old Blandford Chruch cemeteries.

I hope all of this helps!

Hugh Simmons
Fort Delaware Society

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Re: Alton POWs exchanged @ City Point ??
Re: Alton POWs exchanged @ City Point ??
Re: Alton POWs exchanged @ City Point ??
Re: Alton POWs exchanged @ City Point ??