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Captain Jacob Westervelt U.S.S. Underwriter

I am interested in any information concerning Captain Jacob J. Westervelt who served on a number of ships between 1861 and 1864. He was killed during a battle aboard the U.S.S. Underwriter on 02-02-1864 on which he served as Acting Commander. Any information on the $1,000.00 reward the Confederates placed on him dead or alive? Any correspondence from him or correspondence that mentions him? I am aware of the bare facts about the attempt to capture the Underwriter as she lay moored off New Bern but would like information that expands the story.
Also: information on Walker B. Griffiths of the USS Philadelphia, Daniel Y. Bible U.S. Navy paymaster, the name of the doctor aboard the U.S.S. Louisiana, Thomas A. Robison U.S. Navy paymaster, and W. W. Williams U.S. Navy paymaster.
Thanks for the help.

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