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Re: JIM, YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN..!!!!!!!!! :-)

Thanks Dr. Ken,

Hey, I like that L.F.O.J.M thing! Maybe I could makeup a badge or something. :-)

I was amazed, as well, at the plans for the construction of a full-scale Conf CW Ironclad. I wish them well and hopefully we can bring some more attention to it on the message boards. I'll be contacting these folks and asking them to visit and tell us more about the project.

I've always had a specific interest in the Albemarle and the Arkansas. With this being the sister-ship of the Albemarle, viewing it up close and boarding it would satisfy my curiousity as to the scale, the environment inside and the feeling of movement over the water. You can read about the conditions on board one of these iron monsters, but the idea of actually being aboard one under steam is overwhelming.

BTW, my daughter chose Art as her major. She loves the study of Anthropology, but doesn't see it as a career choice. Of course, then again, her selection of Art as a major is not going to be easy to pursue as a career. If she chooses to teach, the dwindling budgets for Art and Music in the schools is not encouraging.

Thanks for the uplifting post.


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