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W. L. Truman, a member of Wade's/Guibor's Missouri Battery, wrote about spiking the guns on the Big Black River in the following manner:

Capt. Walsh ordered us to spike our guns, which

we did. It was easily done, as we had several small

hand-saws files in the limber of each piece, for

such emergancy as that, and all we had to do, was

drive the small round end into the vent, and break

it off and then the gun was useless until sent to

the shop and drilled out. (Chapt.13)

The following quote can be located in the Truman Memoir as sited below.

Wayne, William Truman. "Memoirs of the Civil War: W.L. Truman". 21 December 2001. (14 March 2004).

Christopher Young

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