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Question on CSA 6" British Whitworth Cannon

Hello everyone!
My name is Neal Griffin, and I am the web(reb)master of the 9th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CSA. I receive email inquiries on different items used during the WBTS, but have very little knowledge of war-era artillery. I received this inquiry from Gerhardt Reichardt of Germany:

Hello Neal,
we want to rebuilt a 6 pounder Whitworth Breechloader, but itīs very difficult to find a blueprint or any information in Germany. William Brown told me to ask you, if you have contact to a to an Artillery Unit. I hope you can help us.


P.S. Iīve never spoken American for 20 years and I apologize for that.

The South will rise again!

I received a couple of answers on the Arms and Equipment Message Board, but thought those of you with artillery expertise could help this gentleman (they portray the 38th Georgia Infantry Regiment in Germany).