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Henry M Gray


I am emailing from the UK.

My Gr Gr Gr Uncle Henry M Gray (born in the UK in 1831) emigrated to the USA in 1855, aged 24.

In September 1859 he married Orcelia (Celia) Susan Shaw.

Henry M Gray enlisted for the Union Army on 1st January 1865.

He fought with the 3rd Heavy Artillery Regiment, Company F.

I understand he was stationed at some point at Fort Stevens just outside Washington. (Where President Lincoln was shot at)

He was wounded in the knee at Pleasant Valley and he was discharged from the Army on 31st January 1868.

He ultimately died at the Kansas National Veterans Home in Leavenworth on 30th November 1899, aged 68. He was living there from 1894 until the time he died. He dropped dead of heart failure playing cards with is fellow veterans.

He is buried at the Leavenworth National Cemetery.

I have a picture of him sporting some sort of a War Medal taken some time after the war had ended. Would you be able to identify the medal if I sent you the said picture?

Any other detail about my distant relative would be gratefully appreciated.